welcome to my quarter life crisis! I am overweight,  with a  mediocre job, a dysfunctional family, an average boyfriend, a handful of frenemies,  and a chewtastic tornado of a puppy.  All of which I am incredibly grateful for.

I have decided to finally let go of all reservations and learn to be ..  drum roll please… MYSELF!! Please, please hold your applause. You might not want to get so excited just yet. As you will, like me, have to come to terms with the fact that I am quite ordinary.

My decision is an attempt to simplify and re-energize my life. I have spent far too much time out of my life trying to be someone I am not.  Caring what others think… and searching for an interesting answer every time someone asks “what are you doing this weekend?”  No longer will I attempt to live up to anyone else’s standards or ideas of what an interesting, sexy or successful woman should be like.

I get the feeling that I will need remind myself daily of this task, so i will be using this blog as a way to reflect and remind myself.