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Doing my Homework in Cali


My love for the Walt Disney Company and the Disneyland Resort in particular has been gorwing leaps and bounds by the day. I grew up frequenting this resort, and I could never have even imagined how much I still had to learn about the parks. This past week through orientation I feel as if I have doubled my working knowledge and still have more homework to do.

I intend to share this newly acquired knowledge with all who cross my path, or at least those willing to listen, throughout my daily work schedule.

Here are some fun facts I have learned recently about Disney’s California Adventure:


Buena Vista Street

Mortimer’s Market where they sell fruit and refreshments when you come in: After losing the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in 1928, Walt Disney created a cartoon mouse named Mortimer. Walt’s wife, Lillian, disliked the name Mortimer and suggested they call the new character Mickey.

Red Car Trolley

Buena Vista Street’s Red Car Trolleys were based on the popular light rail cars operated by the Pacific Electric Railway. When Walt Disney in the early 1920’s, the Red Cars were a transportation fixture throughout Los Angeles.

Red Car Trolley #623 – Buena Vista Street: Red Car Trolley #623 carries a double reference. The 23 refers to 1923, an important year for Walt Disney. His Laugh-O-Gram Studios in Kansas City, Missourri had gone bankrupt in July, so in August of 1923 Disney moved west, deciding to try his luck making films in Hollywood, California.

Red Car Trolley #717 – Buena Vista Street: Red Car Trolley #717 pays tribute to July 17, 1955, Disneyland’s Opening Day.

Hyperion Theater in Hollywood.

Hollywood Land’s Hyperion Theater is a nod to the historic Disney Brothers Studios at 2719 Hyperion Avenue in the Silver Lake District of Los Angeles.

On July 6, 1925, the Disney Brothers put a $400 deposit on an empty lot on Hyperion Avenue. After moving in, the Disney Brothers Studio was renamed the Walt Disney Studios. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse were created at there, as was the feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937). Snow White’s commercial success allowed the Disneys to build larger facilities in Burbank.


This is just a few great examples of the history and detail put into Disney’s California Adventure. Check out many more fun facts here, or come on in and any cast member would be happy to share their knowledge… there honestly is SO much more.






First Things First

Now that you are settled in – un packed and gotten to see a sneak peak of you’re your roomies are like, time to focus on what you are here to accomplish! You are an official intern for Disney’s College Program. Time to write your CP Bucketlist!


This will be a list of all the things you hope to see, do and accomplish during your short 7 month span here at the Disneyland Resort. Don’t let the time frame discourage you, dream big!! I say put down a MINIMUM of ten items. This will be your reference for ideas on those days off where you just aren’t sure how you want to spend your time.


I am not going to post my whole list here… because seriusly it could take days. But here are a few things from my College Program specific bucketlist for 2016.


1) Open to Close in the Parks – I want to spend an entire day from Open to Close in the parks, and experience all there is to experience in a FULL Disneyland Resort Day.

2) Experience every ride and attraction offered in the parks – This could be a bit tricky due to closures and refurbishments, but I was able to knock out the long term closed ones prior to their closing on 1/11. So I am right on track for this one.

3) Take photos with all of the characters – For the amount of time I have spent in Disneyland, it is absurd the lack of character photos I have. So I have set a goal to stand in those lines all year to make sure I record those happy memorable moments with a photo next to epic furries and princesses.

4) Harry Potter Opening! In Hollywood– I know this is not Disney…. But seriously… CANT WAIT!

5) Take an EPIC Splash Mountain photo – This is where I want my creativity to shine. I will ride this again and again until I get it right. My phot will be epic, it will be remembered.

6) Tour Walt Disney Studios & Imagineering building – Cuz who wouldn’t want to?

7) Accumualte atleast 25 VoluntEar hours – I love to volunteer and I absolutely love Disney VoluntEars! This is something I am making a priority this year.

8) Minnie’s Moonlit Madness – I think I might be a bit too late to join in on the hunt because I will not gain access to the Hub until next week and I fear it will be too late. BUT I did sign up to volunteer for this event. So even if I don’t get to hunt, hopefully I can be a part of the action.

9) DisneyBound – Time to get creative and fashionable.

10) See a show at the House of Blues

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